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Parking CARma
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Thank you notes.
Photo Mike Salt.
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Are you kidding? Really? Are you serious??? That’s how frustrated strangers in search of a parking spot respond when we wave them into our open driveway in the Beach Colony.

When we started this practice, over eight years ago, a neighbor warned us that it was a bad idea, as if Mom, Dad, and their three kids in water wings might steal our hubcaps on the way out. Instead, it’s been the silver lining of the Design Review Board’s insistence that all new homes have two garages, and hence two driveways.

Dozens of thank you notes have been left behind, scrawled on napkins, post-its, brochures, and whatever else one might find in a car. And many have arrived in the mail, from Carmel Valley to El Paso, telling us that our new friends took the time to note our address and act on it. We’ve received a Starbucks gift card, a packet of handmade greeting cards (by the artist/driveway parker), and just last week, a grateful local resident appeared at our door with a bottle of La Crema Chardonnay.

Do we profile? Sure. No cars that are speeding down our little street or blasting music with all the windows down are invited.
One of our neighbors started offering his open extra spot, too, so we’re hoping to get extra Karma points for making a convert of him.


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