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In the Q
Ellie Haviland, Del Mar City Council member

We are fortunate to have a dedicated source of funds to move forward some long anticipated city improvements. Although there are no shovels in the ground yet, there has been a lot of progress made.

The Measure Q Citizen Oversight Committee has been formed in order to track and review the expenditure of Measure Q funds. This committee does not designate what projects will be receiving funds, that is the responsibility of the City Council. So far three projects are in line to receive funding from Measure Q. Streetscape, undergrounding of utility lines, and Shores Park.

Streetscape has been designed and will be coming back to City Council in the fall so that the implementation schedule and funding can be approved. The Undergrounding project has its own committee. They have been working hard this summer and you will soon be hearing from their communications team. The Shores Park project is still in the design phase. All of these can be tracked on: http://www.delmar.ca.us/

Meanwhile, the Council is working with the finance committee’s recommendation to The Council that a separate fund be set up specifically for 3 dedicated Measure Q projects: undergrounding, streetscape, and Shores Park. Controls would include:

• a projected cash flow model
• a cash reserve of $500,000
• minimize debt whenever possible
• use short-term loans to cover funding shortfalls.


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