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Del Mar Votes Differently
Dave Druker | 10th Street

In the June primary Del Mar voters pretty much followed the same voting patterns both in the county and state, with a few exceptions:

1) We voted more for Gavin Newsom for Governor, Del Mar 44%, County 30.5 and State – 33.7.

2) We voted more for Alex Padilla for Secretary of State – 59.3, 47.5 and 52.6

3) We voted more for Dianne Feinstein for US Senator – 59.7, 42.4 and 44.2

4) For the 49th Congressional District we voted more for Doug Applegate than Sara Jacobs and more for Mike Levin than Diane Harkey.

5) For Superior Court Office No. 37 we voted for Matt Brower rather than Gary Kreep

6) For Superintendent of Schools we voted more for Tony Thurmond than Marshall Tuck.

As the registration in Del Mar is more Democratic than Republican or No Preferred Party, we always tend to vote more “liberally” than the county.
Finally, the primary results in the county of Del Mar did not seem to be affected much by the open primary system, except for Assembly District 76 where two Democrats – Elizabeth Warren and Tasha Boerner-Horvath will face each other in the general election. The 76th District has been a Republican district for years and was most recently represented by Rocky Chavez.



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