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Gun Show No
Rose Ann Sharp | Crest Road

On Tuesday, September 11 at 10:00 AM the renewal of the gun shows contract is on the agenda of the Board of Directors of the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The time for them to get it right is closing in on them and all of us.

Will you be present to help us tell the Fair Board that you do not want the state to profit from the proliferation of gun and ammunition sales? The last time gun shows were on the agenda, we were outnumbered by the NRA. Now the NRA attends our school board meetings to restrict gun safety resolutions and instill arms training for students and teachers. This is no longer just about gun shows; this is about the community that we want for our children and ourselves.

How will the Fair Board act? This summer, the Board insisted on more protections at gun shows: metal detectors and more police to protect our demonstrations. This proves they understand the risk they are bringing into our community: 13,000 guns sold a year; criminal thefts from the gun shows and inculcating gun glorification in the next generation.

Will the Fair Board overlook the fact that the operators of the Del Mar gun shows are felons convicted of Federal Firearms Violations? Will they not hear the many students who have appeared before them all summer asking: why aren’t the adults doing anything? Why does the Fairgrounds subsidize these shows when there are over 50 gun stores in the County? Is Gavin Newsom right: supporting gun shows is putting guns ahead of the lives of our citizens?

Gavin Newsom asked the Fairboard to end gun shows. He is likely the next governor. Will the Board wait to act until he is elected? Will the state legislature have to do the job the Fair Board is appointed to do? The largest mass shooting in US history was traced to Crossroads Phoenix and Las Vegas gun shows; the same organizer Del Mar has. Shouldn’t Crossroads’ coverup of their Federal Firearms violations for 30 years be enough to break the Board’s trust? Enough is enough.

We all remember the terrorism of September 11. On this date, let’s stop this avenue that fuels domestic terrorism. Join us to demand a Fair Board that exhibits courage and leadership on September 11 at 10:00 AM at the Fairgrounds. Free parking and look for our orange balloons to join us.



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