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Asking for Accidents
Diana Scheffler | Boquita Drive

The accident has highlighted what parents have
been saying for a long time.
Photo Nolan Worley.
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Details are not clear, but on Friday June 22, three vehicles collided on Del Mar Heights Road at the intersection with Boquita Drive. One driver was taken away by ambulance, and there was severe damage to the vehicles. One car veered off the road onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, no pedestrians were present.

Meanwhile, the City of San Diego turned down a grant award from Sandag for lack of sufficient matching funds. The $355,000 project would have studied, with community input, how to make the auto-centric Del Mar Heights Road, and the cross streets leading to schools and open space, safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The Torrey Pines Community Planning Board had facilitated the proposal and garnered support both within the community and by neighboring communities over the past two years. The Board now hopes to work with District 1 Council Member Barbara Bry’s office to identify other strategies that would calm traffic. Another tack will be to work with the school district to implement “safe routes to schools” principles.

The accident has highlighted what parents have been saying for a long time. “It seems like it has been years that (the Del Mar Heights Road Enhancement) project has been discussed. I am very concerned and do not feel comfortable with the current situation of our main street. If this was an item high up on our community’s priority list, shouldn’t there be some progress being made,” the photographer and resident Nolan Worley wrote to the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board.

Community concern about pedestrian safety on the Heights “main street” has been exacerbated even further with the Del Mar Union Elementary School Board’s
proposal to close the neighborhood elementary school on Mango in favor of sending those children to the second, larger school on the other side of Del Mar Heights Rd. The change would require parents to either drive or walk their young children across the road impacting already jammed streets or risk walking across four lanes of traffic with zero traffic calming measures in place.

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