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22 In 5
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

LeSar Development Consultants produced a study commissioned by the City Council to provide a roadmap for achieving 22 affordable housing units in five years (by 2022). Del Mar is the only city in the county that has produced not even one affordable unit since 2013, despite the legal obligation committed in the Housing Element of our Community Plan.

The study lays out four key strategies with 26 scenario:

1 Potential for acquisition, rehab, and conversion.
A promising scenario in this strategy would be to encourage condo conversion of an existing apartment complex to yield a 20% set aside of lower income units and fees that would increase revenue to the city’s Housing Assistance Reserve Fund.

2. Unlock land for development of city-owned sites.
Fifteen scenarios focused on the pros and cons of the Zuni reservoir, tennis courts, Civic Center, Shores Park, Public Works, rights of way (ROWs), and North Commercial Zone.

3. Obtain covenants on projects being developed.
Scenarios were analyzed for the Del Mar Resort, Watermark, and 941.

4. Partnership with the fairgrounds.
Scenarios focused on Backstetch housing quarters, the Backstretch parking lot and laydown site, and annexing the site of the Surf and Turf RV Park.

The study rates each of these scenarios in terms of implementation likelihood and financial feasibility. City Council consensus is to start working on all of the scenarios that received the top (#1) rating in the study, and to ask staff to review other scenarios to see if any of them warrant moving to this top-tier group. At its July 2 meeting, Council adopted an initial work plan to pursue the high-priority scenarios.”



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