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Beesalt Barred
Virginia Lawrence | Caminito del Rocio

According to a Greek legend in a little coastal village lives a very unique bee. This bee flies out over the Aegean Sea looking for a certain seaweed that flowers. The bee takes the nectar from the the flower, brings it back, and produces salt.
Source: the original menu.

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Unfortunately for Beesalt Balcony, its name was very similar to that of a seafood bistro on Carmel Valley Road, Seasalt Del Mar. According to our server at a recent birthday celebration, Seasalt objected to the similarity, and Beesalt Balcony is now called Beeside Balcony. Flowering seaweed no longer appears on its menu.

Luckily, nothing else has changed! Diners can still see the ocean from Beeside’s balcony on Camino del Mar and 12th Street. This writer particularly enjoyed an old favorite, Bee’s Board (red wine fennel salumi, varzi Italian, and Humboldt Fog goat cheese); followed by Papu’s Paella (curried orzo, lamb chop, roasted chicken, shrimp, organic sausage); and finally, Chocolate Gelato handcrafted by MooTime Creamery on Coronado Island.



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