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New Pathway
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Shared path views toward the Torrey Pines Reserve and La Jolla from new trail at south end of Camino del Mar.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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Cones, temporary signs and other construction items aside, walkers and runners are already enjoying the southern stretch of the City’s Sidewalks Segment Five that begins at 4th street on the west side of Camino del Mar and ends at Carmel Valley Road. At Anderson Canyon the 10 foot shared path still under construction will move off Camino del Mar to take a 12-foot-wide roundabout trail on the bluffs, separate from the bikes and traffic. On a recent Sunday morning, although the shared path was unfinished, three veered from Camino del Mar onto the partially constructed roundabout trail that meanders among existing Torrey Pines with views toward the Torrey Pines Reserve, surfers, La Jolla Shores in the distance and, on this particular morning, a like-minded snowy egret. From there some walkers took designated trails across the Torrey Pines Bridge to the State beach and park.

Back on Camino del Mar, just where pedestrians and runners moved west onto the bluff trail, cones and newly installed parking stations indicate where new parking spaces will be located. At this juncture the existing median was reduced five feet to accommodate a 9 foot travel lane, a buffered 7-foot bike lane and the new parking spaces. The two existing north bound travel lanes, buffered bike lane and free right hand turn from Carmel Valley Road coming into Del Mar will remain. Although delivery was delayed, new traffic lights will be installed at the 4th Street/Camino del Mar intersection as part of providing two left hand turn lanes going up the hill toward I-5, heretofore a traffic bottleneck.

The Segment Five Sidewalk Project, which is expected to be wrapped up this month, is one of nine citywide sidewalk projects that emphasize pedestrian space and safety beginning with the roundabout at Jimmy Durante Blvd. and continuing through downtown Del Mar on to Carmel Valley Road. The Council is expected to review and go out for bid on the much anticipated Downtown Streetscape plans designed to encourage a more pedestrian-oriented community in September.

Unfinished shared path.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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