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Del Mar Ways
Claire McGreal | Stratford Court

On this clipped image the Paths are marked with a P, and the trails with a T.
Source Parks and Recreation Committee.
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Public Paths: Locations
Compiled by
John Henry Lain.
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Del Mar’s Parks and Rec Committee walks the twenty public paths each year to maintain the City’s public easement rights as well as to check path conditions. With several new committee members it was determined that it would be so much easier if we had actual street addresses for the ingress and egress points, rather than just a line on a map. But who was going to make that compilation of addresses?

About the same time, our 14-year-old grandson, John Henry, was looking for some volunteer work. I suggested walking the paths and writing down the addresses at each ingress and egress. He said it sounded like fun, so for three weekend mornings, John Henry and his grandmother (moi) rode around town, walked the paths, and made the notes. We hope you enjoy using the compilation while exploring our network of public paths!



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