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Del Mar Community Connections June 2018
Ashley Simpkins, Assistant Program Director

DMCC Van services
Village of Del Mar seniors who no longer drive can take advantage of DMCC’s free van services to go to places such as shopping centers, grocery stores, the movies, and more. Contact our office to learn more about eligibility and scheduling of these essential transportation services.

Thanks to Rotary of Del Mar
Rotary Club of Del Mar is a leadership organization of local business, professional and civic leaders, and because of their generosity and effort, DMCC has been able to expand assistance to seniors in Del Mar who want to maintain their independence at home. You shouldn’t have to risk your life or hire a professional for a simple small home task, and that’s where DMCC and Rotary come in. Our corps of Rotary volunteers has provided services such as changing light bulbs and smoke detector batteries, hanging holiday lights and decorations, pulling unruly weeds, and more. If you think these services could benefit you, make sure you are signed up for DMCC’s email list to be notified when they are available.

Volunteer Appreciation recap

Rose Ann Sharp and Carol Mason at the Volunteer Appreciation Fiesta.
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DMCC employees hosted the annual volunteer appreciation party on May 11, 2018, and the volunteers brought the fiesta. We served tacos fresh and made to order from Casa de Mexico, and the margaritas and cervezas were freely flowing. A little rain and wind couldn’t dampen our spirits, because we are fortunate to have incredible volunteers that make it possible for us to continue to support and serve seniors. ¡Gracias!
Visit our Facebook page (Facebook.com/DelMarCommunityConnections) to see even more photos of the Volunteer Appreciation Fiesta!


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Please contact the DMCC office at (858) 792-7565 or dmcc@dmcc.cc for more information on these programs, or to join our mailing list.


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