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Prepare for Patisserie:
Summer Opening

Dolores Davies | Crest Road

The countdown is on for the opening of Patisserie Del Mar, paving the way for flaky, buttery croissants, freshly baked on site. The new pastry shop and café will occupy the airy, 1,800- square-foot space which previously housed the Brick 15 coffeehouse, located at 915 Camino Del Mar in the brick-clad office and retail building on the corner of Camino de Mar and 9th Street.

Unlike Brick 15, which sought to establish itself as an acoustic music venue as well as a coffeehouse, Patisserie Del Mar will focus on turning out high quality, freshly baked pastries and café offerings, along with a variety of coffee and tea drinks. And, all the baking will be done on site by the proprietor, Tim Brock, and his team of expert pastry chefs. Tim’s big love for baking can be traced back to his early boyhood, when he cut his baker’s teeth on an Easy Bake oven. Besides his passion for baking, Tim—and his wife, Heidi—have a proven track record in the café and pastry business. The Brocks own and operate Darshan Bakery & Café in Encinitas, now in its 10th year. Situated on 2nd Street in downtown Encinitas, west of the main drag, Darshan is a somewhat hidden, intimate café, with a distinctly local appeal. Darshan, a Sanskrit word meaning blessing, is a reverential nod to the Self-Realization Fellowship’s Encinitas Temple, just down the street, established in 1938 by Indian spiritual leader Swami Paramahansa Yogananda.

Over the last decade, said Brock, Darshan has grown to become part of the Encinitas community, something he and his wife aspire for in Del Mar, with their new patisserie and café. While the Del Mar café will offer the same freshly baked pastries raved about by Darshan’s customers in Encinitas—including the deliciously flaky almond croissant and pain au chocolat—Brock said he plans to serve up more customized Del Mar-centric items at Patisserie Del Mar. A variety of homemade soups, quiches, and other light lunch fare will also be served, along with specialty coffees made from locally sourced beans. Brock, who leads the baking effort every morning, is thrilled that the Del Mar café space is sufficiently large to accommodate on-site baking. He wants his treats to be wholesome as well as delicious, and is scrupulous about using only the highest quality ingredients—organic flour, sugar, eggs and butter, as well as Strauss organic milk in coffee and tea drinks. Some of the top hits in Encinitas that are likely to become favorites in Del Mar include the authentic Indian chai and the Bombay latte.


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