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Jeff Barnouw’s $6,000 Challenge Grant:
Goal for 2018

A. New money donated so far: $5,500
B. Combined total so far: $11,000


A year ago one of our own Sandpiper editors, Jeff Barnouw, offered us a matching grant for “new” money of up to $6,000 per year for three years to help pay for the production and distribution of the Sandpiper. A 16-page issue, for example, costs about $3,000 – that is, about $30,000 per year for our ten issues. Since we don’t accept advertisements, these costs can put a considerable strain on our purse strings.

This year, for a second time, Jeff will match “new” money from from new donors in any amount, or from existing donors who contribute more than they did in 2016.

Won’t you please consider making a generous donation to the Sandpiper.

How to donate: Please make checks payable to the Del Mar Community Alliance and mail to Del Mar Sandpiper, P.O. Box 2177, Del Mar, CA 92014. OR, donate online here.



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