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Southfair Sale:
Gym Gone

Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Southfair, the unique commercial center designed and built by Herb Turner that has housed the Gym in Del Mar as well as the City offices of Del Mar for the last two years, has been sold to Harbor Associates, and the Gym is closing. Many will particularly miss the Gym, which was run by Herb Turner’s daughter Rachel, who describes the selling as “a happy and sad episode in our lives. My father pursued his passion by working on projects that were practical and creative. When you hear people say that one should do what they love, well my father was able to do that. I have been blessed to remarry and I am looking forward to spending time with my family, and we feel confident that the new owners will carry on with Southfair in the Del Mar tradition. We will miss being part of such a unique and special community.”

Tears, beers and smiles!
Long time gym members and local residents met at Viewpoint
Brewing to mourn the closing of The Gym in Del Mar.
Starting in back left to right: John Keyes, Melanie Ham (seated, former fitness director at The Gym), Sue Goodell (standing, black shirt), Annie Duval, Gale Keel, Dave Duval, Linda Ferrara (blonde, seated), Roy Riblet, Edwina Riblet (seated, profile), Jody Roseman (blonde curley hair---back of head), Dan Dickey (seated foreground).
Photo Ann Gardner.
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Harbor Associates is a large redevelopment (value-adding) company which “specializes in acquiring, renovating, and repositioning commercial properties throughout Southwestern US markets,” according to their website. What they will come to know or care about “the Del Mar tradition” remains to be seen. “Harbor looks to invest in top quality submarkets that attract tenants who will pay rental premiums for customizable space. Harbor looks to reposition and hold assets for between two to five years and targets high teens returns for its investors.”

“The Principals have over 25 years of combined local experience with approximately $2B in acquisition volume and over 3M square feet of commercial leasing.” It is worth noting that Harbor is a joint venture formed in 2015 with The Bascom Group. The Bascom Group has completed over $9.5 billion in multi-family and commercial value-added transactions since 1996 including more than 250 multifamily properties containing over 66,000 units.

Two former The Gym in Del Mar enthusiasts in their white T-shirts. from left: Annie Duval, Bob Backer, Dave Duval.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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