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School Daze

For many years the Del Mar Union School District encompassed just two elementary schools on the west side of I-5 for about 1,000 children in grades K-6. In the 1990s the district boundaries were expanded to include Carmel Valley in the City of San Diego and now serve 5,000 students including six additional schools east of I-5. A new development on the eastern edge of the District near Poway is expected to add about 600 new students. Recently the District put forth a “reconfiguration plan” to serve the swelling K-6 population east of I-5.


The Decision

At the May 23 District meeting Superintendent McClurg recognized that concerns raised at the town hall sessions about closing the Hills School compromised the proposed reconfiguration. She said it was staff’s recommendation to not approve the plan or go forward with a bond at this time. There was also some reassurance that the District would go ahead with trying to find a way to build a new school for the Pacific Highlands Ranch development.



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