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5/22 Makes Room
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

All cities in California are required to participate in solving the state’s tremendous housing affordability problem. In this county each city is given a specific target number of affordable units by SANDAG using a proportional share formula. Del Mar easily achieves production of higher income units but we have been singularly unsuccessful in realizing even one of our share of 22 lower income units. Lower income as defined in this county ranges from $17,050 to $$75,050 depending on the size of the family. The consequences of failing to meet these goals can be significant including loss of grant money and potential court restrictions on our zoning authority.

Census numbers tell us that 25-30% of Del Mar’s population fit this definiton including fixed income seniors, teachers, and quite a few city employees.
The Council has set housing affordability as one of its top priorities for the coming year. In 2013 the city formally adopted and the state certified a housing element as part of our Community Plan. The Housing Element sets out a series of programs and objectives to be implemented by 2021. The Council has hired a development company to create “scenarios” that specify how the city can create 22 units of affordable housing in 5 years (5/22).

In June the 5/22 report will be presented to the Council laying out four strategies to accomplish the goal:

1. Explore potential for acquisition, rehab, and conversion of existing property
2. Unlock land for development of city owned sites
3. Obtain or acquire covenants on projects being developed
4. Pursue partnership opportunities with the Fair Board
Council intends to adopt a 5/22 implementation plan based on this report.



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