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A CPP (Citizen Participation Program) meeting was held recently on the proposed condo-hotel project on the gas station site at 10th and CDM. Planners are now working on integrating citizen feedback into their design. The timeline calls for DRB and Planning Commission review before Council consideration this summer. The expectation is for the proposal to be on the November ballot for voter decision per Measure B.

Gun Show Allegations
The “Never Again” gun show opponents demonstrated at the May gun show at the fairgrounds. Spokesperson Ira Sharp accused the Fair Board of hiring “persons convicted of violating federal gun laws to run a gun show.” In response, Board President Steve Shewmaker stated “we’ve started an investigation with the Department of Justice .” According to the gun show contract approved by the Board the licensee must abide by all firearms and weapons laws.

Del Mar Resort Sked
The proposed resort bluff complex on the corner of Via de la Valle and CDM is being analyzed for a draft EIR and the draft Specific Plan is being developed.
Here is the overall schedule:

• Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) Meeting # 1: Spring 2017
• Citizens’ Participation Program (CPP) Meeting # 2: Summer 2018
• Planning Commission and Design Review Board Preliminary Review/Workshops: Summer 2018
• Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Public Review: Fall 2018
• Planning Commission and Design Review Board Recommendations: Early 2019
• City Council Consideration of Legislative and Discretionary Applications: Spring 2019
• Coastal Commission consideration of LCPA: Fall 2019

Uptick in Break-Ins
Recently, there has been an uptick in car break-ins, both in Del Mar and adjacent neighborhoods of the City of San Diego. Residents are asked to please remember to leave their car doors locked, take keys, and to not leave any valuable items in their cars. Most vehicle break-ins occur overnight.

The Sheriff’s Department is collaborating with the San Diego Police Department and has had extra deputy patrols in Del Mar. They believe they may have caught the suspect, however, these are important reminders none-theless. Residents are asked to report suspicious activity right away by either calling the Sheriff’s Department non-emergency line (858) 565-5200 or calling 911.

858 Required
New Area Code Dialing Rules Effective May 19th
As of May 19th , dialing 10 digits (adding 1 + area code) will be required when you place calls for the 619 and 858 area codes. “When in doubt, dial out.” For further information please go to the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) website,


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