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A CIVIC Accomplishment!
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

View from the Pacific View Deck, looking down and west to the outdoor parking lot with permeable concrete paving. This paving will allow rainwater to percolate through and be retained on site, rather than draining to the ocean.

Photos Don Mosier. Click to enlarge.

The new Civic Center is getting its final touches, and the move in date (May 24th) will have passed by the time you read this. Permeable concrete has been poured over the surface parking lot, planting has been completed, and final details to the sound system in the Town Hall are being completed. Several systems are being tested prior to the move in date to ensure that they perform as designed. The electric vehicle charging stations have been installed. The solar panels and battery storage system will be installed over the summer. The dedication ceremony is Saturday, June 30th from 11 am until 2 pm. Forty-four years after the city purchased the temporary City Hall that previously occupied this site, we finally have a new Town Hall and Civic Plaza for all to enjoy, and a new City Hall that provides a modern workplace for our dedicated city employees and a new spacious lobby to access city services.

View of the new Civic Center looking south from the entry at 11th Street and Camino Del Mar. Town Hall is at the left center of the picture and City Hall at the right center. Glass panels cover the elevator and stairwell landing leading from the plaza deck to the parking garage.
View of the west face of City Hall looking up and southeast from the surface parking lot. The surface lot will be accessed via the underground garage and the opening at the left center of the picture, except for large vehicles (over 8 ft. tall) which will use the gated entrance off of 11th Street. Trash and recycling will be stored in the enclosed area at the right of the picture. Note the overhangs shading the windows on the west side of City Hall. These are designed to reduce heat gain during the summer months but to allow the sunshine in during winter months.




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