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SANDAC Shadowing
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

SANDAC (San Diego Activist Citizens) is a new volunteer program of the Sierra Club San Diego chapter that focuses on advancing public transit throughout the County. With perhaps sly humor, the Chapter bulletin says it is “not to be confused with SANDAG” (San Diego Association of Governments). In fact SANDAC pairs each of SANDAG’s 21 board members and their 42 alternates with one of their constituents. Something like a shadow cabinet. The job of SANDAC members is to ensure and enhance two-way communication between the Sierra Club San Diego and SANDAG, with a primary goal being to alter the approach seen in the 2015 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) “that heavily prioritized freeway development and sprawl over public transit and density.”

SANDAG is currently in the process of developing an update to the 2015 RTP, which will be adopted in 2019, and the hope is SANDAG can be moved to a transit-first RTP that “would not only slash greenhouse gas emissions but also help conserve open space, improve air quality and public health, and advance social equity.” Passage last October of AB 805, a bill by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher that that shifts SANDAG voting power in favor of larger cities more receptive to investment in public transit, should (it is hoped) increase the likelihood that SANDAG will be open to open to a more transit-first Plan.


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