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Lots & Plots Coming Soon
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

An octoplex and a 30-home gated community may be coming to the immediate neighborhood of the San Dieguito River Park Lagoon Trail.

The Lot, a luxury “cinematic and dining destination,” was founded in La Jolla in 2015 and expanded to Liberty Station in 2016. Its next replication will be in (what they are calling) Del Mar, at 2707 Via de la Valle in the south-east corner of the shopping center next to Gelson’s, with a target date of March 2019. Combining in-theatre at-your-seat dining and an attached restaurant, café and bar, our Lot will be abundant, over 29,000 sq. ft. with 8 theatres. It will feature new releases, independent films and television specials like the Super Bowl and the Oscars.

Some in Del Mar still miss the UltraStar theatre (1976-2011) at Flower Hill, 2630 Via de la Valle, which was demolished to make room for Whole Foods. Others remember the Del Mar Drive-In (1953-78), 514 Via de la Valle, west of Valley Avenue. The new theater complex will be across San Andres Drive from the kiosk on the Lagoon Trail of SDRP, where the wildlife may be disturbed by the noise and commotion of construction work. Once up and running, the Lot should not cause problems on its southeast sides near the lagoon.

Such problems, during construction and after, would probably be more severe with the planned development at 2778 Via de la Valle, the eastern of two adjoining lots (18.96 acres) on the north side of the road, facing the stretch of trail that runs from the Birdwing to the Horse Park. Similar in setting and adjacent to Caminito Santa Fe Downs opposite the western part of the Horse Park, the project would include 34 lots along a new road arcing up into and down out of the rugged sandstone hills, houses on both sides. Lots of grading. There would be 30 single-family dwellings (4 lots non-residential) with gates at each end of the new road, which would not connect with any existing street other than Via de la Valle.
The plans are apparently revived and revised from a project abandoned in 2008. It is at the beginning of the permit process and will require rezoning from AR - 1- 1 to RS – 1- 14. If anyone wants to look into it, it is City of San Diego Project #529-748.



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