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Greening Up Our Park
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Monterey Cypress in Seagrove Park.
Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.
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We have new trees in Seagrove Park adding to Del Mar’s aesthetic for putting “greenery in the scenery.” Two young trees now standing straight will root and sprout up and fill in the space of those aged and diseased trees that were removed after years of trying to save them. The recently planted sapling to the south center of the park is a local Torrey Pine. The tree to the north west is a Monterey Cypress that was transplanted from a resident’s yard where it was nurtured from a seedling. We can look forward to watching them as they grow.
The north section of Powerhouse Park’s grassland that was off limits for months is now opened. Happily, the north half of the park, which was cordoned off from the traffic of feet, paws, tents, wheels, balls and possibly hoofs, was re-seeded and left alone to regrow. (The south half will be re-seeded in a future budget cycle.) For a time the grass grew tall and looked like a high tufted pastureland. Now, newly mowed, it is returned to the open grass parkland, Del Mar’s emerald overlooking the ocean.



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