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Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Making room for multi-use
pathway on Camino del Mar just
before Carmel Valley Road.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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Construction of a new sidewalk and multi-use pathway along the west side of Camino del Mar between 4th St. and Carmel Valley Road is underway, and bids for the first phase of the much anticipated Downtown Streetscape, between 9th and 11th Streets, are being reviewed as we go to press. Public Works expects both projects to be done by the end of July. Flashing signs we now see on Carmel Valley Road, Del Mar Heights and Camino del Mar warn drivers of “road work ahead” and “expect delays.” The two projects are the most recent of nine to implement Del Mar’s Community Plan Goals to encourage a pedestrian-oriented, non-motorized community, to minimize air pollution and work toward reducing transportation related water pollution in storm water runoff. Five of the nine segments have already been completed: Jimmy Durante South, Camino del Mar at Beach Colony, Via de la Valle, Camino del Mar at North Beach and the Roundabout at Jimmy Durante Blvd.

The multi-use pathway project under construction now is referred to as segment #5. It also includes a new second left hand turn lane going east at Del Mar Heights Rd, new median landscaping and additional parking spaces. The new sidewalk beginning at 4th St. and southern pathway will allow pedestrians to walk safely all the way to Torrey Pines State beach. As the flashing signs warn, staff expects construction of the multi-use pathway to be completed in June with no lane closures except the possible closing of the single south bound lane for final paving only. Nearby properties will be notified by mail of contact numbers for questions, and a project schedule with updates will be posted on the City’s website.

Bids for constructing Phase One of the downtown Streetscape are being reviewed now by Public Works. The Project will bring streetscape changes intended to provide better visibility of pedestrians and reduced vehicular travel speeds along Camino del Mar. These changes include pedestrian bulbouts, median widening to create pedestrian refuge areas, enhanced pedestrian crosswalks, accent paving and improved bicycle lanes from 9th to 11th street. This first phase of new streetscape was praised by representatives from all parts of the community in February as the beginning of a friendlier, more vibrant downtown with calls for continued work as soon as possible to the Plaza’s northern entrance just beyond 15th street.

Carmel Valley Road. Photos Virginia Lawrence.
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