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Of Primary Importance

Primary elections in California take place in two cycles: the first one has begun with the arrival of absentee ballots at the homes of many voters. Absentee ballots started being mailed out in California on Monday, May 7, 2018. The second cycle of voting is, of course, election day, June 5, 2018.

Since absentee ballots are a significant portion of the votes here, one should be aware that many of you can make your choices for elected officials anytime between now and June 5. Importantly, one can still register to vote until May 21.
We live in the 49th Congressional District which is hotly contested this year after Darryl Issa was forced to retire by very active grassroots groups who objected to his alignment with President Trump.

Those of us who wish to see Congress back in progressive hands have had a hard task in this Congressional District deciding among the, now four, liberal Democratic candidates (Applegate, Levin, Kerr, Jacobs) remaining on the ballot along with several Republicans more aligned with President Trump.

Early polls, influenced heavily by name recognition, show Republican Chavez at 17% followed closely by Democrats Applegate at 12%, Levin 9%, Kerr 8%, Jacobs 7%, and Republicans Harkey 8%, Gaspar 5%.

Thinking about this primary election, we want to emphasize two very important points. Only the two highest vote-getters will move on to the final ballot in November, regardles of party affiliation—this could very well result in an all-Republican or all-Democrat November ballot. Secondly, there is historically a low turnout for primary elections. So the stakes are very high in this primary election.
Don’t wait for November! Get informed and involved now if you want your preferences to count.

Look at their records and select carefully when you vote absentee now or in person on June 5, 2018.

Lets go for a good Congress that represents our interests!


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