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View of the open work area of City Hall, including the area west of the lobby counter and extending north to the City Manager’s office. Work stations and partitions have been installed, and a glass wall (not shown) separates the counter area from the work stations.
Photos Don Moser.
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The new City Hall and Town Hall are almost done. Carpets are laid, indoor and outdoor furniture is being installed, landscaping is being finished, railing is being installed, and final electrical work is underway. The project remains on time and on budget, and most work will have been finished by the time this article appears. Staff will begin moving in on May 24th and the dedication ceremony is June 30th.

Council awarded the contract for the solar panels and battery storage system to Baker Electric at its meeting on April 2nd. Most of the cost of this project will be funded by a grant the city received from the California Energy Commission (CEC). The project was expanded to include an additional 32 solar panels on the raised roof element over the City Hall lobby for a total of 189 high efficiency panels producing 72 kilowatt (kW) of DC power (the average residential solar system is about 5 kW). The power will be stored in a 30 kW Sharp Smart Storage battery system, and AC power supplied to the buildings by 14.4 kW SolarEdge inverter. This system should provide adequate power for activities during the 4-9 pm evening period when power from the grid is at its most expensive. The CEC grant will also support a year-long outreach and monitoring program in cooperation with Center for Sustainable Energy. Many other features of the Civic Center were designed to save energy: e.g., LED lighting, natural ventilation, highly efficient heating and cooling, motion activated lighting, extra insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, and more. These features will allow the Civic Center to meet CalGreen Tier 1 building standards with 15% more energy conservation than required by current building codes.

View of work stations (tables) that adjust from high (standing) to low (seated) positions. The table in the foreground is in the high position and the table behind the partition is in the low position. The small switch visible near the corner of the higher table controls the electric motor that raises or lowers the tables.
The new catering kitchen at the southwest corner of City Hall, now with appliances and cabinetry installed.
Interior view of the Town Hall roof which is now complete with lighting installed.



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