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A Tree Grows at City Hall
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Finish work is rapidly progressing on our new Civic Center. Lighting fixtures are being installed in both the Town Hall and City Hall, and several large trees have been planted, including a Monterey Cypress in front of City Hall and a Torrey Pine on the east side of the central commons area. Doors have been installed on the breezeway between the two buildings, and the final areas of outdoor paving are being completed. The fixtures are installed in the bathrooms, and cabinets are hung in the kitchen. Landscaping continues with recycled water plumbing being routed to all future planting areas. Most of the project will be completed by mid-April, but there has been a delay in the installation of the new solar panels and battery storage system while some issues regarding a requirement for American-made products are clarified. It looks like the new lights will be powered by the grid for the first couple of months of occupancy.

View of the Town Hall roof with one of several hanging pendant lights. The perforated panels between the beams are for sound attenuation.

Photos Don Mosier.
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The new Monterey Cypress tree in the large rectangular planter in front of City Hall. Decomposed granite will be added to surround the planter.

The new Town Hall looking south from the central commons area. The breezeway doors can be seen at the far right of the picture.

LED light fixtures have been installed in the lobby area of the new City Hall to augment the natural light that floods the lobby.



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