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Buy In or Bye-Bye Bluffs
Councilmember Dave Druker

Update to Del Mar City Council, March 5th, 2018
by Bruce Smith of SANDAG and Patricia McColl of HNTB.
This 60-page pdf may be viewed here.

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The Del Mar Bluffs will eventually fail due to water erosion or an earthquake. In the meantime, NCTD and SANDAG have performed and will complete projects to stabilize the bluff as long as possible. In the past these agencies have improved the drainage system to divert water from the street ends and installed soldier piles to ensure the tracks do not fall into the ocean.
SANDAG has recently identified two more projects to assure the train can remain on the bluff for the next 50 years. Beginning in October, 2018 the first project will commence and cost a few million dollars. This first project will make some urgent repairs as detailed below. A second project to install soldier piles will cost between $36 and $82 million is currently not funded or scheduled.
The urgent work to be completed will include the following:

1) Repair drainage structures at the end of 14th St and 12th St.

2) Build new drainage channel on the east side of the tracks between 6th St and 8th St.

3) Replace drainage channel at 8th St.

4) Rebuild the path on the upper bluff east of the track between 6th St and 8th St.

5) Repair drain and wall at the end of 10th St and east of the tracks.

6) Repair erosion at the flood wall at the end of 9th St.

7) Remove hydro-auger debris

8) Install piling to increase factors of safety.

9) Repair the timber retaining walls by replacing the pile supports at the end of 7th St and 13th St.

10) Stabilize structures threatened by erosion and corrosion at the slope on the east side of tracks at 7th St.

11) Stabilize the slope at Anderson Canyon.

The next step is for SANDAG to go to the Coastal Commission and then back to the city for encroachment permits to allow repair vehicle access at the Lifeguard Station and Coast Blvd. Most of the work will be completed during the day and not affect the daily train operations.

Ed. note: The City of Del Mar’s adopted policy, endorsed by SANDAG and contained in its 2050 Regional Transportation Plan, is to relocate the rairoad tracks off the bluff.


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