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Gun Show Board

Rose Ann Sharp | Crest Road

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Photo Rose Ann Sharp.
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How many deaths will it take till he knows
too many people have died
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind
Bob Dylan - Blowing In The Wind

We in Del Mar have a unique opportunity to make a start toward curbing gun violence by demanding that the 22nd Agricultural District which runs the Fairgrounds live up to the state mandate to fairgrounds boards: whether or not a fair rents out its facilities for gun shows is a policy decision to be made by the fair board and their community. California Department of Food and Agricultural Memorandum, May 2, 2000.

Fair Board members are appointed by the Governor. If you agree that “too many people have died,” don’t blow the answer in the wind; take action and call the candidates for California Governor now. Get their commitment to remove those who allow gun shows from the 22nd DAA Board of Directors. Do it for your kids and for all those whom you love.

On June 5, the gubernatorial candidates will be selected in the primary. Find out now where each candidate stands on gun shows at state fairgrounds. Condition your contributions, your support, your vote on a commitment to appoint to the 22nd Agricultural District Board only persons who are pledged to end the gun shows immediately and to ask for the resignations of any current members who refuse to vote to end gun shows.

“Vote for Gun Control.”
Photo Ann Gardner.
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This year the March 17 gun show coincides with St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick drove out the snakes from Ireland; this is our time to drive out the guns shows from Del Mar, and hopefully from the state.

Del Mar wants to be a leader in sustainability efforts. Fighting man-made climate change is a worthy long-term effort. Fighting to sustain the lives of our school children and all the people we love against man-made death machines is something all of us can do right NOW.

The 22nd Agricultural District Board trades the safety of our school children and all those you love to make $113,000 PROFIT from its gun shows four times a year. It is time for the community to demand to be consulted about the policy to continue holding gun shows at the Fairgrounds. Guns don’t kill people, some say. Evidence is that people with guns kill people much more often and in far greater numbers than people without guns.



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