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Peak Power Partnering
Don Mosier| | Rimini Road

Two important steps in reaching the CalGreen Tier 1 sustainability target for the new Civic Center have recently been achieved. The City Council has approved the installation of electric vehicle charging stations for 5 cars, with the ability to add 5 more spaces in the future. The bids for the new solar panels and battery electric storage system have been received, and one bid proposes an innovative design that will achieve the goals of reducing peak power draws from the grid and providing backup power during an outage. The contract for the system is scheduled to be awarded at the March 5th Council meeting, and full details will be available at that time. The California Energy Commission grant includes funds for the installation of this state-of-the-art system as well as a public demonstration period of one year after operation begins. The Center for Sustainable Energy is a partner in the demonstration effort, and real time monitoring of the performance will be able to be viewed on the website and on a kiosk to be installed in the lobby of City Hall.



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