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Final Leg:
Two Months to the Finish Line
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

View from the Pacific View terrace looking south with the Torrey Pine themed trellis in the foreground and the north façade of City Hall in the distance. The workers are finishing the stairway to the parking level adjacent to the elevator tower. The trellis over the stairwell and between the elevator tower and City Hall will be fitted with glass panels to provide weather protection on rare rainy days.
Photos Don Mosier.
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The new Civic Center buildings are nearing completion and the construction barriers are down so that all can see the final stages of the project. Several residents have described the buildings as “impressive” and “beautiful.” Almost all of the concrete work is finished, and the civic plaza in front of city hall now has a finished final deck of exposed aggregate. The entire plaza and the outdoor parking lot on the west side of City Hall were designed to capture rain water and use it to water landscaping, one of the many sustainable features incorporated into the design by Miller/Hull architects. Interior work on the Town Hall continues with vertical wood elements behind the future position of the dias and sound attenuation panels placed at critical positions beneath the roof. The attention to acoustical design should result in a gathering site with much better sound quality than the Powerhouse. The bids are in for the solar panels and battery storage system and the goal is to have the system online by May. Council has approved the purchase of level 2 electric vehicle charging stations that can serve up to 5 vehicles. The end is in sight. The move in date for city employees is over the Memorial Day weekend and the dedication ceremony is now scheduled for Saturday, June 30th. Stay tuned for more details about that event.

The walkway from 10th Street looking north, with the new Town Hall to the right and the new City Hall to the left. The walkway leads to the south entrance to Town Hall and the breezeway between the two buildings. Safety rails are being installed on the terrace above the TV studio which is visible on the right adjacent to Town Hall.
Descending the stairs between Camino del Mar and the new Town Hall with a view of the Civic Center Plaza looking northwest. A Monterey Cypress will be planted in the raised square planter near the center of the picture and the planter will be surrounded by decomposed granite paving. The raised rectangular structure beyond the planter is the elevator tower connecting the lower level parking garage and the plaza level.





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