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No Bark Beetles in Survey
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

When two neighbors told me Bark Beetle infestation had killed Torrey Pine trees growing on backyard slopes in Crest Canyon, I started to worry or wonder about the general state of Torrey Pines in the Canyon. I didn’t see signs of distressed trees in my clearing and cleaning-up activities with the Friends of Crest Canyon, but I knew I didn’t know.

The City of Del Mar website includes an informative article from April 5, 2016 on then current infestation in the City, describing tell-tale signs, with photos, and tips on treatment and prevention. It states that bark beetles “are significantly impacting Del Mar’s Torrey Pines” due to the drought. Healthy trees can repel penetrating bugs with the flow of sap, which is undermined by severe and prolonged drought.

On April 4, 2016 the City Council considered increasing the beetle traps on City land and passed an ordinance, chapter 11.13 of the municipal code, addressing the problem of distressed trees on private property which become breeding grounds for beetles that could threaten other trees, on public land.

Canvassing other neighbors involved with Torrey Pines, I found that the current situation was not bad in Crest Canyon, and this was confirmed when San Diego Park and Recreation Ranger Aide Byron Shoemaker answered my earlier inquiry, saying that a recent survey found the Crest Canyon Torrey Pines “in a healthy state.” There were some dead trees showing signs of previous infestation, but the beetles leave once the tree dies. There is an impressive array of magnificent trees in Crest Canyon.



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