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Believe in the Burrito
Unknown Walker

Craft Burrito Co., at the corner of Camino del Mar and 15th Street. Photo by Tom Nelson.
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The Unknown Walker wanders into Craft Burrito, on the southeast corner of Camino del Mar at 15th Street, in the former site of the Tasting Room adjacent to Starbucks.The menu is different from what you might expect from a burrito establishment, offering a new twist on typical Mexican fare. There are many choices, all with unique names: the Hot Buggy burrito, the Wild Bill, the Bird Hound (chicken, of course) and more. They all include a small craft salad. One can customize any of the listed burritos with many add-ons. These burritos are hefty; you will not leave hungry. They offer many craft beers and wine. There is indoor seating and an outdoor patio area. Both are comfortable (weather dependent). The seating areas allow you to experience the great outdoors, adjacent to Camino del Mar; some traffic noise during the commute, but not bad. Prices are in the low range as a well-equipped burrito will be under ten dollars. The menu also includes tacos, chips, fries and other sides. Did I mention that they offer a Naked Burrito? As far as I could tell there is no happy hour. All food is available to go. They also have a bottle shop with items to go. Reachable at 858.261.0659 or online at eatcraftbc.com. Their motto is “Believe in the Burrito”… you will. At 1435 Camino del Mar. Hours 10 AM to 8 PM, Friday and Saturday evenings until 9 PM.




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