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Walk on the West Side
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Southern entry at Carmel Valley Road and Camino del Mar merge.
Source: Del Mar’s 1996 Streetscape Plan.
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As we go to press Public Works Director Joe Bride is at City Hall opening up bids for construction of a multi-use pathway on the west side of Camino del Mar between 4th St. and Carmel Valley Road. He is excited about the possibilities of this new project that also includes a second left-hand turn lane going east at the 4th St. intersection. “I think it is going to be really neat,” he exclaimed while explaining plan sheets at the Public Works office. Public Works will go to City Council on March 5th with its recommendation for a contractor and, according to bid specifications, the project is expected to be completed by July, 2018.
The Camino del Mar multi-use pathway project design is the result of a collaborative effort between the City and neighbors, including neighbors in San Diego’s Del Mar Terrace that objected to an original plan to eliminate the free right-hand turn going north at the intersection of CDM and Carmel Valley Road. The revised plan keeps the free right-hand turn lane and the proposed multi-use pathway that allows residents and visitors to walk safely all the way to the Torrey Pines Bridge and beach. Pedestrians now have to walk on the road, competing with cars and bicyclists. The new design at different locations even provides physical buffers between bikers and cars, and between bikers and walkers. The southern end of the pathway will actually meander away from the road among Torrey Pines trees. The project will also:

  • -Paint the bike lanes through the intersection of Carmel Valley Road / Camino del Mar green for added visibility and delineation. (This is similar to what was done at Camino del Mar and Jimmy Durante Boulevard north of the Village.)
  • -Resurface all roadways in the project area and re-stripe to accommodate vehicles and buffered bike lanes.

Existing Torrey Pines trees will be protected, replanted or if necessary replaced. Upon completion of the project staff will conduct a traffic speed survey to determine if new, slower speed limits would be advisable in the project area.

Couple with two tots and a dog walking in the parking lane
at the Coast highway and Carmel Valley Road
because there is no pedestrian path.
Photo Virginia Lawrence.
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