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Civic Home Stretch
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Most of the work on the new Town Hall and City Hall has moved inside now. Drywall is up and painted, tile has been installed in the bathrooms and kitchen, and wires are being pulled to their final fixtures. Exterior stairs are being finished, and the plaza floor still needs a layer of geofoam insulation and the final finish of concrete, pavers, or artificial grass. Sidewalks are done except for 11th Street. Paving along Camino Del Mar and 10th Street was completed on January 19th. The project is still on time and budget, and plans are underway for opening ceremonies in June.

The west wall of the parking garage and city hall looking north from 10th Street. The concrete block enclosure is for utilities and trash containers. The trellis over the Pacific View terrace and the wood structure for planting cover are visible near the center of the picture.
Photos Don Mosier.
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Interior view of the Town Hall looking east from the breezeway entrance. The wood has been stained and the steel supports painted but lights have yet to be installed.

.View of the entrance stairs to the plaza from Camino Del Mar looking northeast towards 11th Street. The natural stone facing for the landscape retaining wall will be repeated in several landscape areas. The concrete forms for the stairs are in place ready for the pour in the following week. The stone facing does not go all the way down to the concrete base because the plaza deck will be about 8 inches higher when completed.

Looking south along Camino Del Mar from 11th Street as the paving contractor installs asphalt to connect the new curbs and parking pullouts to the existing street. Picture taken on January 19th.







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