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Watermark Evolves
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

There is activity on the site at the corner of Jimmy Durante and San Dieguito which should be helpful in envisioning what will happen with this new neighborhood. Berm stakes are being installed with green covering to reflect where the podium (project floor) will be above the underground parking garage and where the setbacks from the street will be. Next will come story poles after the reconfigured roof lines are designed.

Significant changes in the Watermark proposal will soon be presented to the DRB. Planners are reconceptualizing the plan based on local buyer demographics, primarily targeting seniors in large houses who are interested in downsizing and remaining in Del Mar to “age in place.” More elevators, fewer stairs, more single level flats, fewer townhomes, more open, brighter and lighter windows with connected indoor and outdoor living spaces, more open spaces in between buildings,and acoustically engineered flooring systems are some of the changes proposed.

The new plan offers a large variety of unit sizes from studios to 3-bedroom units and price points to match. The 38 unit configuration will include 16 smaller flats of 500 to 1400 square feet, eight of which will be affordable including four to be deeded outright to the city. This smaller plan requires less parking and decreases traffic from the approved commercial building more than 25%. There will however be more parking than required.

The decision process will now follow an approximate schedule of the final EIR in March, Planning Commission and Design Review recommendations in May-June, with a likely City Council decision in June-July.



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