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Residential Hospitality
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

The rebranded vacant lot, formerly known as the Garden Project, on the corner of 10th Street and CDM now has a new vision based on feedback from a CPP meeting held last year. Voters previously approved a mixed use office condo plan with some commercial uses but there was no market for that product, so it failed and was purchased by the current owner with the intention of going back to the voters with an economically viable plan.

We will soon see a proposed “residential hospitality” plan with flexible zoning for some commmercial or office uses depending on market changes. Approximately 22 residential condos will be marketed for three ownership options: 1) full-time occupancy, 2) part-time occupancy and short term rentals, yielding TOT hotel tax, or 3) investment rentals, also with TOT. The average size of the condos will be 1065 square feet, most on the second floor. The first floor will propose an open courtyard and mixed uses for restaurant, retail, or office purposes. The proposal will offer exceptional public benefits of two affordable housing units and two in lieu monetary donations to the city housing fund.

The proposal will be unveiled at a second CPP meeting in March. Then a Specific Plan will be prepared for review by the Planning Commission, DRB, and City Council before going on the ballot for public consideration. The ambitious target for the vote is November 2018.



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