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Kid-Friendly Kitchens
Natalia (11) and Hollis (11) | Del Mar Heights School sixth graders

Looking for somewhere to eat with your family? Here are four great kid-friendly restaurants in Del Mar:

Many kids are afraid to try Japanese food, but at Shimbashi Izakaya, there’s something for everyone. Edamame, a preparation of soybeans, is a must have because of its salty simplicity. Chicken nuggets are a favorite for lots of children, but the shrimp tempura from Shimbashi will quickly change that with their crispy exterior and light inside. Another must have? Chicken skewers. Not only does Shimbashi have great food, but the service is impeccable. The servers are patient, and if chopsticks are a hassle for kids, Shimbashi provides chopstick helpers. Shimbashi Izakaya is the perfect restaurant for your family.

Café Secret is a vibrant Peruvian eatery that makes childhood favorites but with a Latino twist. Yuquitas, fried yuca (cassava root), is a fancier replica of classic french fries. Not all kids love tamales, but the cheese- and quinoa-filled ones will become a favorite. Café Secret also provides a kids menu with more simplistic dishes. Looking for dessert? The alfajores, two cookies sandwiching dulce de leche, are to die for. Café Secret is colorfully decorated and plays upbeat Latino music to enhance the Peruvian experience. Café Secret’s staff is warm and welcoming. Café Secret is a wonderful café.

Craft Burrito serves delicious, quality burritos, embodying Del Mar cuisine. Parents want flavor while the kids prefer something simpler. This California burrito place has it all! The atmosphere is friendly with warm lighting, wood and a view. Burritos are served with a small Craft Salad, a simple dish sure to delight. The Craft B&C is a delicious variation of the classic bean & cheese burrito. Children are sure to fall on it with gusto. For flexibility, Craft offers burrito modifications! Craft’s kids’ meal features a quesadilla or chicken tenders and fries. The fries are nicely spiced, but not overwhelming. Craft is a welcome addition to downtown.

Flower Child is a nearby San Diego restaurant that caters to children. It offers an array of dishes with a plain base and flavorful spices that will amuse the palate. The tofu is a prime example of this delectable combination. Flower Child offers a kids meal, featuring a protein plus two sides. Both the brown rice and clementine-and-organic-apples sides are things children love, and the mashed potatoes are lightly spiced. Lemonade is a welcome accompaniment--try the subtle but spritely Rose Petal or bright citrusy Cosmopolitan . Finish your meal with olive oil lemon cake or one of the other numerous dessert options. Kids finish first? The play areas will keep them busy!



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