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The Little House that Wants to Come Home

Suzi Resnik | Crest Road

Thanks to Julie and Brad Allison, the Edelweiss House gives us a glimpse of old Del Mar circa 1885, when 10th Street was the center of our seaside village. Now the Del Mar Historical Society wants to bring another original home back to 10th Street.

The Alvarado House was moved to the Del Mar Fairgrounds in 1985 in order to prevent its demolition for a bigger, contemporary house. Since moving to the fairgrounds, the House is only open for about 2-3 three a year during the San Diego County Fair. It showcases antique furnishings, memorabilia, and artfully displayed photos depicting the history of Del Mar. Volunteer docents have augmented the displays by answering questions and telling stories. Visitors from our local area and from throughout the world have expressed delight in viewing this taste of our history.

The exciting reconfiguration of city hall and the adjacent area is growing momentum to move the house back to Del Mar’s center, to become the place to gather, to share stories, to view old stories, and to make our history come alive. This momentum is being stoked by the passion of members of the Del Mar Historical Society.

We have visited other communities which have developed museums and interactive educational kiosks. We have emerged with information and ideas that can be tailored to our community. We are sharing what we are learning and planning on a continuous basis with the mayor and members of the City Council.
We hope to make this house the home for all of us, maintaining the heartbeat and shared humanity that make us a community. Our greatest community assets are our stories and memories from the past and an opportunity for us to hear and view them, reflect on them, have a forum for discussion of lessons learned from the past, and to make our history come alive.

Imagine gathering at Alvarado House on 10th Street at outdoor tables, having a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks while sharing stories and discussing topics. There would be interactive kiosks and a large screen video –continuously showing stories told by all of us.

Imagine the opportunities of involvement with students and their families learning to record family histories, or to create projects, such as plays, associated with oral histories from our Del Mar Voices collection.

We are so excited and we want to share our passion with you!
Join us! Become a participant. We want to hear from you and hope to work with the City Council to help us to bring our little house home.

The Del Mar Historical Society meets on the third Tuesday of every month in the Del Mar Community Building at 225 9th Street at 5 pm.



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