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Resort Report
Nancy Fisher | 24th Street

Since the Sandpiper’s last update on the proposed luxury resort to be built on the 16-acre bluff overlooking Dog Beach, the developers, Zephyr, informed us that they have been analyzing different environmental components of the project, including traffic, air quality, parking, and noise. They have also been refining their architecture and design in preparation for a second series of community meetings in the Spring.

When asked if they’ve received any criticism from residents or businesses, they reported that they met in December with the Del Mar Beach Club Owners Association to further discuss plans for the resort, and listen to the concerns this Solana Beach residence community had, which included traffic, noise and the resort’s location adjacent to the South that will impact some views. They plan to continue the conversation with the association as they refine the plans.
They also attended the City Council’s December meeting where they continued the discussion about how the City wants to see its portion of the property developed. This includes the James Scripps Bluff Preserve, the adjacent public beach, the bluffs and the City’s property along Camino Del Mar. The CEO of Zephyr, Brad Termini, again assured us that they have not proposed changes to these areas, and decisions about this land are the purview of the City of Del Mar.
The city will soon choose a consultant to analyze all of the anticipated service costs to the city, as well as anticipated benefits to the city. The study will be funded by the developer and managed by city staff. The city councils of Del Mar and Solana Beach have formed a joint committee to consider potential impacts of the project on both cities.



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