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EDITORIAL: Agenda 2018

Del Mar will continue to tackle important issues and opportunities in this new year as it did in 2017. Continued controversy, count on it. We did not become the most desirable community in the region because we shied away from vigorous debate about how to manage our Community Plan into the future. We are a highly engaged community and we hope that continues, hopefully honoring the boundaries of civility along the way.

Our priority list is long. Some highlights:

• opening our new civic center, on time, on budget, and energy wise.
• implementing a carefully balanced short-term rental compromise plan, hopefully with Coastal Commission endorsement.
• formulating a plan to use Measure Q tax funds to fund undergrounding, streetscape, and Shores Park.
• finalizing revised design guidelines to make our DRB process more transparent and functional.
• adopting phased strategies for dealing with inevitable sea level rise impacts on our beach neighborhood.
• activating our adopted Climate Action Plan to achieve challenging sustainability goals.
• carefully reviewing new development proposals including the Del Mar Resort, Watermark housing, 10th street boutique hotel, and Bully’s replacement.
• considering new Sheriff proposals for enhanced community service.
• diligently servicing our basic water, sewer, and streets infrastructure.
• carefully managing our budgetary resources including strong reserves and pension protections.
• Monitoring our regional leadership at SANDAG.
• Carefully overseeing the performance of and manage staff leadership.
• managing the lawsuits from citizens / organizations who do not agree with Council.

This would be a big enough agenda for any business corporation, but it gets way more complicated when you add a very active citizenry and political moves during an election year. The Sandpiper’s goal is to advocate for our Community Plan, to do our best to keep you informed and to offer a forum for different points of view. Welcome to Del Mar 2018.


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