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New City Staff:
Welcome, Rachel!
- Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Rachel Beld. Photo Jeff Barnouw.
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Since February, Rachel Beld has been Del Mar’s Senior Management Analyst. “Analyst” suggests that she works on the number- and data-crunching side of the projects she’s involved with, like the Downtown Streetscape (pre-construction project manager) and staff liaison to the DMVA, to our many non-profits, and to the new City Arts Advisory Committee appointed by the Council at its December 4 meeting. The seven new members (plus one ex officio) will meet for the first time in January. One early bit of business: find a new corral for the Breeders’ Cup horse that’s still roaming (when no one is looking) in Seagrove Park.

The “analyst” aspect of her job is more than balanced by her dedication to outreach, to communicating with the City’s citizens. She declares her passion for local government and public service, and is the contact person for connecting individuals with City government if they don’t know where to start. Her direct line is 858 704-3646. She promises she will point you in the right direction.

Born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, in a large family, Rachel got her start in public service as a giant frog. That was her costume and role at a city-run aquatic park that left its mark. She came to California to work for the City of Vista, where she has just spent 14 years. In the first years she finished a B.A. in Business Administration - Marketing at National University (classroom as well as correspondence) and worked on economic development as well as in the Department of Recreation and Public Services, which included a Public Art program.

Her husband teaches middle school, and they live in Oceanside with an 8-yr-old daughter and a son almost 4. The commute is so far practically the only downside to working in Del Mar, as she appreciates how her work often overlaps departments. The differences between Vista (pop. 97,000) and Del Mar are reflected in the structure of working relations both within City staff and with the Councilmembers and citizens.



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