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Short Term Rentals:
Council Voices
- Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Mayor Sinnott, although disagreeing with the Council majority in approving an ordinance that allows short term rentals in Del Mar’s residential zones for no less than seven days and a total of no more than 28 days a year, asked a divided community to respect the effort the majority has made in trying to do the right thing for the City. He cited the many meetings, letters, and workshops, and the research and testimony that has taken place since the 2016 moratorium on any new short term rentals, and said he respected the work that has gone into now moving the language on to the California Coastal Commission as an amendment to our Local Coastal Program.

All three of the most recently elected council members stood by their campaign commitment to take seriously residents concern that their neighborhoods were being commercialized by short term rentals. Councilmember Haviland emphasized that “of course we acknowledge that short term rentals have been around a long time,” but not, she said, to the extent they have been occurring in the last few years. It was, she said, “infringing on the rights of residents.” Councilmember Worden emphasized that the “compromise” accommodated residents “by allowing some limited short term rentals but relocating the more intensive short term rentals that are really mini-hotel businesses to zones where they belong.” The ordinance does not limit rentals of 30 or more days.

Staff clarified that consideration of possible unique exceptions to the new ordinance would be coming back to the Council early next year. Senior Planner Amanda Lee added that property owners have the option of submitting applications now for rezoning. Council also established a forbearance period to temporarily delay enforcement with respect to existing short term rentals that qualified for the moratorium.



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