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Shores Synergy
- Ann Gardner | Via Latina

At joint meeting with Shores Advisory Board, Council reviews options for park design with consultant Glen Schmidt of
Schmidt Design Group.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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City Council has agreed to move ahead with a collaborative plan for the 5.3 acre City-owned site at Ninth and Stratford currently occupied by Winston School and the Del Mar Community Building and known as Shores Park. The decision was based on a strong recommendation from the Shores Advisory Committee at a joint meeting with the Council in October when the Committee emphasized the not-to-be-missed benefit of additional open space by utilizing all of the 5.3 acres to plan jointly for both facilities.

from left: City Council members Parks, Worden, and Sinnott; and Shores Advisory Committee members Nate McKay, Piper Underwood, Sissy Alsabrook, and Cathy Asciutto. (Councilmember Haviland available by conference call; Druker recused/absent because he lives within 500 ft. of Shores Park)
Photo Ann Gardner.
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Winston School has a lease that runs until 2063 for 1.8 of the five plus acres and the existing buildings for operation of a private school for children in grades 5-12 with different learning skills. New plans for the old Winston School buildings, for years the Del Mar Elementary School, were being considered when a new Director came on board in 2016. She suggested that the City, which had begun planning separately for the remaining acreage as a community park, explore the potential for joint planning. Six bubble diagrams were developed, three with a single boundary and three with separate boundaries for each function, but the Advisory Committee convinced the Council to limit further work and cost estimates to just two of the collaborative bubbles. At its November meeting Council authorized the City Manager to fund additional work by consultant Schmidt Design Group to further study and design a master plan using the overall site for both functions. The Council also accepted the Advisory Committee’s recommendations and community input to include:

-A new community building separate from the school with space for indoor recreational activity for the community at large;

-Covered parking with sufficient spaces for the school, the community building and the park;

-Separate recreational areas for dogs and humans; and

-An athletic field with adequate space for the current needs of Winston and an outdoor full sized basketball court.

from left: Shores Advisory Committee members Art Olson, Tom Sohn, Lina Waage. Kristen Crane and Sarah Krietor, City staff.
Photo Ann Gardner.
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According to staff “the most immediate next step will be discussion with the Del Mar Foundation and Del Mar Community Connections regarding their perspective” on the space they think they need. The two organizations are currently using the Community building for their programs although their contract for “interim use” expired in 2016. Both programs have grown and both organizations anticipate future opportunities. In the coming weeks, according to staff, Schmidt Design “will meet with the two groups to discuss potential space requirements for programming as well as opportunities for dual use of the spaces to accommodate multiple types of programs. Maximizing efficiency of the building size is important since the overall area of the park is limited.”




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