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20-Year-Old Plan to Begin
- Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Prompted by the enthusiasm expressed at the September 18 Council meeting and perhaps also by the calls of “let’s not wait any longer,” the Council has allocated one million dollars in FY17-18 to implement Phase One of the Downtown Streetscape Project, a project that has been on the City’s drawing board since 1996. The committed money means that staff is taking another look at what will be, finally, the first phase of streetscape construction from 9th to 15th street beginning in January 2018. The initial work scope already includes accent paving, more planting areas and trees, improved crosswalks including “new legs” to allow for 4-way pedestrian crossings and creating a consistent 6-foot wide bike lane with a 2-foot buffer. All are geared toward implementing the 1996 streetscape vision aimed at encouraging a more robust, safer pedestrian experience in our downtown area. To view Councilmember Dwight Worden’s vision, referred to by several speakers at the meeting as the “community’s living room” vision, go to www.delmarsandpiper.org/ .



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