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Response from Zephyr
- Brad Termini, CEO

We sincerely agree with Jan McMillan’s concerns about the James Scripps Bluff Preserve, and the City has also indicated to us that this area is a very important part of the community. Therefore, it is important that the community be on board with its future status. We share her gratitude for the Scripps family and the history they are protecting through their wishes for the preserve, as well as the community’s need to discuss how public property is to be used and preserved for future generations.

Changes to the actual preserve are not a part of our proposal and decisions about the open space that encompasses the preserve are the purview of the City of Del Mar, not a private developer. The City is in the process of studying the entire area, including the preserve, the adjacent public beach, the bluffs, and the City’s property along Camino Del Mar to determine the Community’s long term needs for preservation and accessibility, as well as facility and recreational needs.
Zephyr seeks to build a world class resort that will ultimately be the centerpiece of the community and provide access to this land that the public has not had in over 100 years. We remain committed to making this project one that the community will embrace, and will continue to work with the Cities of Del Mar, Solana Beach and their residents to achieve this goal.

Brad Termini, CEO, Zephyr



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