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Del Mar Foundation:
2nd Annual Picnic
Bill Morris | DMF Communications

Pat Welsh in middle.  Photo Bill Morris.
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Wandering around the 2nd Annual Picnic at Powerhouse Park this last month, I happened upon the Del Mar Garden Club booth. The Foundation recently awarded a $6500 grant to the Garden Club to beautify the downtown storefronts (check out Clone Copy and Curry Comb as examples of their work), and I thought good news and good people might just make for a good photo opportunity.

While composing my shot (photo speak for trying to remember what I was doing), I noticed a sign on the club’s table stating “Your plant and garden questions answered.” Being only slightly more mature now than I was in Junior High, I blurted out “Why?” I wasn’t anticipating anything more than “Because” or some forced laughter, but renowned horticulturalist Pat Welsh unexpectedly provided an articulate and thought-provoking answer: that we all continuously need to learn, especially about each other’s similarities and differences, so that we can better work together to solve the common issues that we face.

Later, Pat shared with one of her fellow Garden Club members that “it had made her day to participate in an extraordinary moment where she was able to provide relief to someone who had apparently been deeply troubled for some time.” I don’t think of myself as deeply troubled, but Pat’s insights did provide an immediate uplift. When you think about it, that is really the reason for having a community picnic -- to bring people together to learn about their individual and shared challenges, to work together more harmoniously and better serve the community.

Del Mar is an amazing place, filled with nature’s beauty and wonderful people possessing a deep sense of volunteerism. We should take the time now and then to learn about what our friends and neighbors are doing on behalf of our community, so that we can all work together to make it better. The Foundation encourages you to make someone’s day (perhaps even your own), by learning about the many non-profit organizations that exist to make Del Mar the wonderful town that it is. We hope that the picnic provided just such a day for you. For information on more opportunities, like us on Facebook (@delmarfoundation), follow us on Twitter (@delmarfound), or go to our website (delmarfoundation.com).


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