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Town Hall On Time
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

Construction workers installed two layers of foam insulation over the roof of the TV studio just south of the new Town Hall.
Photos Don Mosier.
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The Civic Center project is taking shape as exterior walls are finished, the standing seam metal roof is ready to be installed on the City Hall and Town Hall, and landscaping features are being completed. The building walls are a combination of ipe wood siding and stucco, and windows will be installed in the next couple of weeks.

The entire project is designed for low energy use (to meet CalGreen Tier 1 building standards), and some sustainable features are already evident. All landscape areas are plumbed with purple pipe for recycled water use. Both buildings and planting areas are heavily insulated with Geofoam around the foundation and the buildings have two layers of foam insulation under each roof.

Public amenities are taking shape with the ipe trellis over the Pacific View Terrace nearing completion. The project remains on time and on budget, and completion is anticipated next May or June. It will take some time for city staff to move from their temporary quarters and start adapting to their new space. An electrician was busy installing twelve (12!) adjacent switch boxes on the south wall of Town Hall that will control lighting, A/V equipment, partitions, security features, windows, and more. Some labeling may be necessary.

Recent comments on Nextdoor Olde Del Mar ask why retail space was not included in the project. The new City Hall is designed to meet the current administrative needs of city staff and is only slightly larger than the old city hall. Town Hall is designed to host council and committee meetings and community events. The site is zoned for municipal use, but there are three parcels on the property that could be rezoned for commercial use in the future. This project was designed and approved after extensive public input, and reflects the vision endorsed by the community.

Purple pipe for recycled water installed under the stairway that, when completed, will lead from the plaza level to the south end of the parking garage.
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Twelve switch boxes in a row along south wall of Town Hall.
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The view of the north wall of City Hall looking west shows the ipe wood siding. Ipe is a dense, renewable wood that is extremely durable, and is being used in many exposed elements to withstand the impacts of the coastal environment.
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The steel and ipe wood trellis under construction at the
northwest corner of the plaza deck currently designated
at the Pacific View Terrace. The final top layer of 2 x 4 ipe boards are laid out on the floor, and will mimic the organic
structure of three threes when installed.
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