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Del Mar Congress Watch
Bud Emerson | Klish Way and Lee Haydu | Cofair Court

Del Mar is in the 49th Congressional District represented by Congress Member Darrell Issa. This Sandpiper column lets our readers know how our Representative is casting votes on our behalf. His record this year has been calculated as 98% in support of President Trump’s agenda.

NOT VOTING - Hurricane Harvey disaster relief package
Yes - Raising debt limit/extending government funding/Hurricane Harvey relief
YES - Giving the government more power to deport and deny admission to immigrants suspected of being in gangs
YES - Making appropriations for various executive departments
YES - Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization and disaster relief

YES - Banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy
YES - Disaster relief for Puerto Rico and other areas
YES - Prohibiting Department of Justice settlements that require parties to donate money to outside groups
YES - Fiscal year 2018 budget resolution establishes the congressional budget for the federal government for FY2018 and sets forth budgetary levels for FY2019-FY2027.



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