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Beach Bo Bonanza
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Joe Harper and Bo Derek.
Photo Jeff Barnouw.
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Leading into the events in the Barn at the Beach described in the last issue, the community part of the Breeders’ Cup celebration began Saturday, October 28, with the 35th annual, make it traditional, Jake’s Del Mar Fun Run, a 5k race on the beach. The field was led, some 200 yards ahead and only to begin with, by at least four horses and Bo Derek. The City website said, “Bo Derek and some thoroughbred horses,” but they weren’t actually thoroughbreds, though Bing Bush, a main source of the horse statues seen throughout town, said two were.

This is not part of the tradition. Even though the City Seal shows a horse in the surf, horses on the beach required an exception to current rules and practice, which was granted at the City Council meeting of August 7. Kristen Crane, Assistant City Manager, said Bo Derek did not figure in the proposal, so the vote was not unduly influenced (her inference).

At the same time the Council approved another horses-on-the-beach event for NBC Sports, a segment on Hall of Fame Jockeys to be taped on the beach on Wednesday, November 1. While the horses were being debriefed on the beach access at 18th Street I had a chance to talk with Joe Harper, President and CEO of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, Bing Bush, and Bo Derek.

She remembered her first time in Del Mar, age 17, at the beachfront home of Jimmy Durante, watching horses coming out of the sea, as she put it. She and Joe Harper thought it would be nice to have the horses-on-the-beach aspect of the Breeders’ Cup repeat next year and perhaps become part of a new tradition.

And they’re off!
Photo Jeff Barnouw.
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