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City Hall Moves Up
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

View of project from 10th Street and Camino Del Mar looking northwest. The Town Hall is in the center of the picture and parts of City Hall are to the left. The large white blocks are insulation being placed around the foundation.
Photos Don Mosier.
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The framing of the new City Hall and Town Hall is now almost completed, and many tradespersons are at work on plumbing, electrical, and heating components. Additional concrete pours continue for planters and stairways, and major utility connection work will proceed in the next couple of weeks. The City Council approved funding for audiovisual and technology infrastructure at their September 18th meeting, projects that include eight security cameras and a Town Hall dais. The construction of the complex Town Hall roof supports has been completed, and EC Constructors, Lakeside, CA are a bit more relaxed now. The project remains on schedule and within the contingency budget.

The wooden trusses supporting the Town Hall roof. The view is looking up from inside the building towards the northwest.
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Workers busy installing wire mesh to support the stucco finish on the front of City Hall, and also completing the concrete pour for a planter box. View looking northwest from in front of the City Hall lobby entrance.
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