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Changes in “Red Dot” Procedures
Sherryl L. Parks | City Council Member

Our City Council is always looking to ways to help improve communication with our constituents.  At the August 7, 2017 meeting I had concerns that last minute red dots, mailed to council on the day of the meeting were not as effective as the writer would want them to be.  As a result of our discussion the Council decided to alter the guidelines for accepting red dots.  The following changes have been made:

  • Red Dots must be submitted no later than 12 p.m. on the day of the meeting.  The reason for this change is to ensure that council has time to red them prior to discussion at the meeting.

(Presently most red dots are emailed directly to all Council Members).

(Presently staff prints up each red dot and places it in front of council to read during the meeting.  It’s obvious to anyone attending the meeting that Council does not have time to read these last minute submissions.)

  • Red Dots submitted after the cut off time of 12 p.m. will be included in the record for that agenda item.
  • These same rules now apply for our Planning Commission, Design Review Board and any other City Advisory Committee.

What if I believe it is urgent for Council to consider my input on an agenda item?

Everyone is welcome to come down to council and speak on any agenda item that is important to you.  If you have already written a red dot you can hand it to City Clerk at the time that you speak before Council.

Where should I send my red dot?

cityclerk@delmar.ca.us (for Council business)
planning@delmar.ca.us (for DRB or Planning Commission business)

If you have any questions about this new guideline for red dots please contact our city clerk, Ashley Jones at (858) 704-3640.




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