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Skee Ball at Viewpoint.  Photo source anonymous.
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Viewpoint, a position from which something is observed… and what a position it is. A perfect location to view the wild nature of things; both animal and human. Situated adjacent to the San Dieguito Lagoon only makes things better. From stoneware to brewing captures the real view of change. Charles Koll, partnering with his dad, Malcolm, and with the assist of family members and friends has kicked off real change on San Dieguito Drive. A homebrewer and trained chef, via the Culinary School of the Rockies, he embarked on a two-year journey to open the doors of Viewpoint.

Photo source anonymous.
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The building that housed a stoneware company for 40 years has been transformed and has replaced its industrial past with clever design and organic materials and become an up-to-date gastropub. Charles has been joined by a group of his peers in this undertaking; in the kitchen is Gunnar Plantar a seven year veteran of Mille Fleurs, in the brewery is Moe Katomski previously of Bear Roots, and backing all this up is longtime friend Kaitlynn Wolfe as general manager. The beers include their creations, Mandarina Pale Ale, Red Rye IPA on tap and many supplied by local breweries such as New English and others; the line-up will change often.

Wine is also available to satisfy others. The kitchen has created some good choices with Steelhead Salmon, a Backyard Burger and Pork Belly Bites amongst other items. Salads and desserts are also available. There is also a hop garden. Only open a bit more than a month it has become a busy place. Seating can become rare after 5pm yet perhaps that will change when the race season ends; definitely a popular destination. And there is Skee Ball. It’s all about the beer and worth a visit. Did I mention that they also have wine? VIEWPOINT, tasting room opens in the afternoon, dining after 4pm. 2201 San Dieguito Drive, Del Mar, (858) 356-9346.





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